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The Lore X Lease Starter Box

The Lore X Lease Starter Box

This is a wonderful step into starting your path into the magickal relm! This is a starter box which comes with all the steps and tools you need to accomplish multiple goals at hand! Inside this box includes
•3 Alter Chime Candles (Black,White,Brown)
•1 Sage Bundle
•8 1/2 oz herbs (Rue, Lemon Grass, 5 Finger Grass, Orange Peel, All Spice, Rosemary, Lavender, Black Salt)
•Clear Quartz Crystal
•1 White Cloth
•1 Incense Matchbook 

In this kit you can dress several candles, make your own Gris Gris bag or create your own incense blend! Start moving on your magickal path with this starter box it would be a wonder leap towards creating the magick around you...
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