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The Lore x Lease

Hoodoo Fixed Candle Workshop

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"Fixed" Candle is an old Hoodoo/Conjure term for dressed, anointed candles. The word "enchant" comes from the latin "in cantare" which means "to sing" and the power behind the magic of "fixing" using chants, songs, prayers and simply speaking your work into existence.. In this workshop, you will learn what "fixing" a candle is the purpose of "fixed" candles. How to set proper intentions to work properly with "fixed" candles. Introduction into herbs and oils and the importance of building your work and balancing your work using these tools... Plus, you'll get to take home what you create with additional tools and knowledge to build and create your next "fixed" working! Seats for this workshop are limited seating. This workshop is on June 3,2023 10a-12p and online workshop is on June 17, 2023 12p-2p cst